Gun Store Near Me

There are times in life when you find luck is on your side.  And one of those times is when you found that the “Gun Store Near Me”, is Casino Pawn & Guns.  Because we have a great selection of guns, accessories, gear and ammo to choose from at affordable prices.  Whether you are looking for a Custom .38 Super handgun or a a rifle scope with a variable adjustment for the parallax, you have found a gun store and more!  In addition, we also list some of our stock on-line, making shopping with us convenient from the comfort of your couch!

Quality Firearms at the Gun Store Near Me

At Casino Pawn & Guns our inventory is ever changing, but never boring.  Either you can find the next addition to your collection, or your introduction to personal protection at our store.  We have affordable prices on low and high end firearms, that will make you smile!  Because when you are a skilled and experienced shooter, you appreciate expanding your range and shooting styles.


Here is a list of some popular firearms we sell in our store:

Gun Accessories & Tactical Gear We Sell

In addition to our plethora of firearms to choose from, we also have great selection of accessories and gear as well.  Whether you are going to target practice or hunting for white-tailed deer, there are many items that keep you on track and shooting accurately.

Tactical gear has really expanded in the last few years and most of it is universal as well.  These items offer protection, navigation and a clear view day or night, hundreds of yards ahead of you.

Although, at Casino Pawn & Gold we do not lose sight of offering quality accessories at reasonable prices to our customers.  In addition, we are happy to guide you to stay focused on the gun accessories that fit your style and budget accordingly.  From boxes of cartridges to load in your clip, to a red dot laser sight for your Glock 19, we can help you stay within your budget!

Gun Store Near You - Accessories & Tactical GearGun Accessories & Tactical Gear We Sell
  • Gun Holsters and Belts
  • Scopes and Sights
  • Boxes of Ammo (Shells & Cartridges)
  • Clips, Magazines to load ammunition
  • Lock, Stock and Barrels
  • Bipods & Tripods
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • GPS Navigation, Range Finders
  • Tactical Watches
  • Bullet Proof Vests, Plates and Helmets

Our Location

Casino Pawn & Gold is on Cottonwood Lane , that is easily located in Casa Grande, Arizona.  However, our convenient location also serves the Eloy, Coolidge, Maricopa and Arizona City areas.  We proudly opened our doors in 2013, and continue to provide our surrounding communities with quality guns, accessories and tactical gear at reasonable prices.

In addition, we also have listings of hand guns, rifles, shotguns and scopes listed at  So consequently, you can take advantage of our prices from the comfort of your couch if you choose.