Pawn Rifles

Pawn Rifles in Casa Grande

Casino pawn and Guns is proud to announce that we can now pawn rifles for cash to our customers that need fast cash loans.  We’ve been the local Casa Grande gun experts for years and are happy to add gun loans to the menu.  The beauty in rifles is their high price tag meaning that with just a quick visual inspection during the pawn process, you can have hundreds of dollars of cold, hard cash in your pocket in mere minutes.

Getting Your Rifle Loan

Before you even come on down to our Casa Grande pawn shop, remember this: it’s super important that you scrape together all the accessories, paperwork, and original boxes that came with your rifle.  The amount we’re able to loan is based on what the potential resale value is, and people like to buy a rifle that’s as close to ne as possible.  To maximize your pawn loan amount, make sure you bring all the items related to your rifle. This is so we can get you taken care of for your rifle loan.

Once you’ve arrived at Casino Pawn and Guns with your rifle, one of our associates will take it from you.  Our inspections are usually pretty brief and consist of a simple visual inspection, and then physical inspection as we’re obviously not going to fire off the gun to verify it works.  This will take a maximum of a few minutes in just about any case, and then you’ll get the most important question: how much cash do you need?  It’s always important to only take the cash you need and not what’s available as the interest accrues much faster than many people expect.  To make sure your repayment amount is manageable, minimize your rifle loan amount.

What Models Are Eligible When You Pawn Rifles

Naturally the question comes next is what models and makes do we accept. Here’s a small sampling to get your interests piqued:

  • Remington (Remington Outdoor Company)
    • Model 700 CDL SF
    • Model Seven Laminate
  • Sturm Ruger
    • Hawkeye
    • Guide Gun
  • O.F. Mossberg & Sons
    • Mossberg Patriot
    • MVP Series
  • Springfield Armory
  • and more!

This is an ever-growing list of makes and models

Once you accept our cash offer, we’ll collect a few signatures from you and put cash in your hand.  The beauty in a pawn rifle loan is that there’s no checks, and no nonsense; just quick and simple cash in hand.  No matter if you’re in Eloy, Coolidge, Casa Grande, or Arizona City; come in today for a free quote on your rifle.

Pawn Rifles - Casino Pawn and Guns

Repaying Your Rifle Loan

We attempt to make repayment as quick and easy as possible.  We understand that what brings you to a rifle loan is financial disparity. It’s not our desire to to send you further down that road.  Arizona statutes dictate that each of our gun loans are written out for a period of 90 days, During this period you’re more than welcome to pay off the loan at any time.  For our customer’s benefit, there’s no prepayment penalty of any sort whatsoever .  You’ll simply pay off the accrued interest plus the principal up to that point. That’s how easy it is to pawn rifles with us.

If come the end of the 90 day term you’re not ready to pay off the loan, don’t fret!  We’ve got you covered.  Simply pay off the interest accrued up to that point. We’ll happily extend the loan for another 90 days with no extra fees whatsoever.  It’s a brand new loan giving you plenty of time to come up with the cash to pay it off.


So if you’re in Eloy, Florence, Casa Grande, or Coolidge, come down to Casino Pawn and Guns. Get a free quote for pawning your rifle today.  You can be in and out with hundreds of dollars in mere minutes.