FFL Transfer Casa Grande

Need An FFL Transfer in Casa Grande?

Casino Pawn and Guns is Your Place For Arizona FFL

FFL Gun Transfer Fees Policy - Casino Pawn and GunsWhen purchasing any kind of firearm online, a Federal Firearms License Transfer has to take place before you can receive your item.  The gun can’t simply be shipped to a residence or your work, it has to go through someone holding one of these FFL licenses.  Lucky for you, Casino Pawn and Guns happens to have one of these and is more than happy to make the FFL Transfer to you at little cost.  Being Casa Grande’s leading gun buyer and seller, it’s a service we’re happy to offer.

Steps to Complete An FFL Transfer

If you’d like us to complete an FFL Transfer for you (we only charge $25 per transfer!), all you need to do is e-mail the information below to info@casinopawnandguns.com and we’ll handle the rest:

  • Your Name and Contact Information (Phone/E-mail)
  • Order information (invoice, PO number, etc.)
  • Make/model of gun
  • Name of person or business shipping the gun

There’s no need for any other contact, just list Casino Pawn and Guns as the delivery address and we’ll handle the rest.  Open seven days a week at only $25 per Casa Grande FFL Transfer, we’re the safest and most affordable place to get it done.  You can also call us at (520) 314-6066 if you’ve other questions about the process.

Please do not come down to Casino Pawn and Guns when delivery of the gun has been made.  There are steps our authorized representative has to take before we can give you possession of the gun.  This should only take a few days.  When you come to pick up your gun via FFL Transfer, please bring:

  • Arizona Driver’s License or photo ID card with CURRENT address listed
    • If you have an Arizona CCW, notify us and bring it down as this can speed up the process
  • If a gun hasn’t been picked up after 30 days, storage fees may be applied

When Is An FFL Gun Transfer Necessary?

An FFL Gun Transfer is necessary whenever you’re shipping a gun across state borders.  It doesn’t matter who the retailer is, if it’s you shipping to another residence across state borders, or to yourself across state borders, it has to be moved through someone holding the appropriate licenses.  Casino Pawn and Guns is the cheapest option for this transfer in Casa Grande, Eloy, or Arizona City.

You’d simply contact us beforehand, fill out the appropriate paperwork from the ATF, and then have us listed as the shipping address for your gun.  We’ll handle things on our end and as long as all the paperwork is in order, then all you have to do is come by and pick up your gun.  It’s important to keep in mind that we have to follow the same process that you would go through if you were purchasing a gun.  This means that we will still perform the required background check before we can relinquish the gun to you, but assuming you’re purchasing one you’ve already gone through the appropriate avenues.

Why Choose Casino Pawn and Guns?

Why you would visit us over other gun retailers is because of the speed in which you can actually get your gun.  We’re a smaller shop that makes gun loans, buys guns, and sells guns, but that’s only a piece of our business.  When you come and visit our location, you can be in and out with your firearm in as little as five minutes.  There’s no lines, no waiting, and no nonsense.  We’re the premiere location for FFL Transfers no matter what part of Casa Grande you’re coming in from.