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Especially in today’s tough economy, you may find yourself between paychecks and short on money. Maybe you’ve had an emergency like an unplanned car repair or medical expenses, or maybe you’re just having trouble making ends meet. These unplanned expenses seem to happen at the worst time, when you just don’t have the money in the bank to cover it, but you can’t always put them off until payday.  Regardless of the reason, pawn loans from our pawn shop in Casa Grande offer you immediate cash!.  Don’t settle for less than “Top Dollar” for your items.  This is the purpose of our Casa Grande pawn shop, to get you the money you need fast, and securely, and save you from financial stress.  We are the Pawnshop Kings of Casa Grande.

Cash Loans Pawn Shop Casa Grande

Cash Loans On ALL Items Of Value

Casino Pawn and Guns in Casa Grande is here to help you understand the nature of our business, and how we’re here to help you in tough times.  We serve Casa Grande as the #1 pawn shop in town, but also serve the surrounding area of Coolidge, Maricopa, Arizona City, and Florence Area.

When you pawn an item with our pawn shop in Casa Grande, you receive payment immediately in cash. Within a 90 days  you may redeem your item for the amount you have borrowed plus the interest and fees. These interest charges and fees are state regulated.  At the end of the loan period you will have the option to either pay the interest only and extend your loan or pay the principal, interest and fees and reclaim your item.  A loan from our pawn shop is the quickest and easiest way in Casa Grande to get the money you need quick.  You work hard for your money, and we are here to bridge those gaps when necessary.

Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Phone, Samsung, Apple, iPad, Iphone

The Pawn Shop Casa Grande TRUSTS

The amount we give you for your item is strictly determined by the value of the item.  We offer the most aggressive loan value for 100 miles!  Our cement building is among the most secure in town.  We are insured not just for the amount you borrow against your item as a pawn loan, but for the wholesale value of the item.  Not that we have had a loss YET, but in the event of a loss Lloyds of London, our current insurer, would pay more you the value of your item minus the amount you have borrowed on it.   We are secured, and insured for your protection.  We are also one of the major gold buyers in the Casa Grande area.

Pawn Shop Fast Cash

FAST CASH TODAY!!  No Credit Check, Just Bring ID!

No loan is faster than a pawn loan.  You stop in, we value the item, we write it up, and YOU GET CASH TODAY RIGHT ON THE SPOT.  Unlike other loans with long applications, questions, approvals and background checks — pawn loans just require you to own the item and have valid ID.  It is a very “Fast Loan”.  In fact, a pawn loan at our pawn shop is probably the fastest loan possible.

It is our preference that you return and retrieve your item.  This is because customers who do so tend to come back again and again when they are short of cash.  That is our goal: happy, satisfied clients who use our services any time they need a financial helping hand and those who tell others about how much of a pleasure it is to interact with us at our new pawn shop in Casa Grande.

When the loan comes due, you have the option to either reclaim your collateral or allow it to default.  This is the benefit of borrowing from a pawn shop — your are under no obligation to repay; however, if you find that you are a bit short of cash, and would like to repay, we can often extend the loan another few weeks and just charge the interest on the extra days which the loan is out.  We value repeat customers, and tend to loan more money to those who use our services repeatedly and have shown a good reputation for repaying loans time and time again.  However, you are under no obligation to replay your loan at any pawn shop including our store in Casa Grande.

Casino Pawn & Guns - We offer the most cash possible when you sell ammo, guns and more to our one-stop pawn shop and gun store!

We Appreciate Return Customers!

Paying off your loans though can result in higher loan values over time, and can make borrowing money an easy and hassle-free process because the item is already in our system.  This is what has made us the best pawn shop in Casa Grande, and what draws our happy customers from the surrounding cities of Maricopa, Eloy, Arizona City, and Coolidge.  It’s worth it to come visit a pawn shop who treats you what you’re worth, and gives you the money and satisfaction you deserve. Many of our customers are so pleased with our services that they come back again and again throughout the year. Many of our customers pawn the same item repeatedly and return month by month to repay the interest and reclaim the item in Casa Grande. These customers receive special preference because of the mutual trust built up between our repeat clients and us.

Below are just a few of the categories and items we display and make loans for:

PAWN ELECTRONICS at our Pawn Shop Casa Grande

MP3, DVD Players
Musical Effects Equipment
GPS Devices
Electric Guitars Including Fender & More
Game Consoles & Games
Power Tools

Pawn JEWELRY at our Pawn Shop Casa Grande 

Diamond Engagement Rings
Vintage, Antique, Estate Jewelry
Designer Pieces
Diamond Jewelry
Scrap, Broken or Unwanted Jewelry
Watches, Timepieces
Gold, Silver, Platinum
Bullion, Coins, Bars
Necklaces, Earrings, & Rings

As a pawn shop, we also have a number of items for sale, we have these items available both in our store and online.  If you wish to “Shop Online”, you can view our eBay listings.

We also offer our customers Auto Title Loans through Phoenix Title Loans, LLC at our Pawn Shop In Casa Grande We are unique in our ability to lend because we often make cash loans that other lenders won’t in Casa Grande.  Good Credit or Bad Credit makes no difference at our pawn shop.  Don’t forget we also serve the serve the surrounding area of Coolidge, Maricopa, Arizona City, and Florence Area.